Disciplinary Rules of Helsinki Marina

Silence in the harbour between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. Please respect other boat guests. Breaking this rule can cause you to lose the tenancy of your mooring!

Waste treatment
The waste station at the main office is specifically meant for mixed waste. There's a seperate container for glass. The boat guest is responsible for hazardous waste.

Gate keys
The gate keys are only meant to be used by the harbour guests in posession of a docking place. You're not allowed to give the keys to an outsider.

The Sanitation of the Docks
Don't store anything on the docks. Bring your waste to the waste station.

The Restaurant Area
The border of the restaurant area runs where the flower beds are located. You are not allowed to bring your own beverages into the area. Also take into account that you can't bring any drinks from the restaurant area to the docks.

- The mooring is only intended for one boat. Always inform the office before departure from the port.
- You are not allowed to store boat equipment on the docks.
- ''For sale''-signs on the boat is prohibited on the docking area of the port.
- Bring all your waste to the waste station. Leaving any waste on the docks is strictly prohibited.

Boat Cleaning and Service
Cleaning and service of boats in Helsinki Marina is conducted by Hydrolink Oy Ab. You need to agree with the port staff in case you want to entrust another service company with their services.

You can reserve mooring based on the following time schedule:
- Working days: 8-17 o'clock
- Full day: Check out at 12 p.m. There's room for flexibility if there's room in the harbour. (maximum of 30 days)
- Spring Season - 16.4-14.6
- Autumn Season 1.8.-31.10.
- Between 15.6.-31.7. Full month mooring is not possible during this period.

Arriving and Departuring
Always drive slowly to avoid the creation of backwash, which can cause damage on other boats in the harbour.

Making fires on the dock or in your boat is strictly prohibited.

Pets should always wear a collar on the dock.

The gate of the dock should always be closed. Please advice your guests about the disciplinary rules of Helsinki Marina!

Car parking
The parking spots (5 pcs) for car-bound boat guests may only be used for 4 hours at a time or nighttime between 6:00 pm and 8:00 am. Always ask for parking permission from the harbour personnel and use the parking disc daytime between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

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